Automated Compliance

Say goodbye to audit stress with automatic compliance

Compliance can take an enormous amount of time when it has to be done manually. The worst part? People make mistakes and important compliance steps can be missed, causing major headaches. Let Harmonee automate your compliance so you can focus on running your business and adding value for your clients.

Automatic file notes

File notes have never been easier to create and retrieve. In fact, Harmonee even creates them automatically for you.  With workflows that you can easily create and tailor to your business, each task creates a file note upon completion.  Now it’s impossible to forget!

Automatic Fee Disclosure and Opt In Statements

Recent legislative changes have created administrative challenges for many businesses. Harmonee automates these requirements and takes things a step further. Statements are created automatically sent to clients in a beautiful electronic format. You’re notified when the client views the statement and when they action it. Once confirmed, they’re stored in Harmonee automatically for future reference.

Client communication stored in one spot

Every time you communicate with a client via email, it will be assigned to that client within Harmonee AND a file note will be created automatically, allowing client communication to be recorded with zero effort.

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