100% Digital

Are you tired of countless documents and files? Let Harmonee help you go digital

Say goodbye to physical files

Practices have wanted to go paperless for a decade, but the infrastructure hasn’t existed to make this easy. Finally, the technology is here. Most practices run their business from physical files and paper documents, meaning that you need to store them safely and carry them around. With Harmonee, all of your client information is stored securely online, so all you need is a laptop or tablet.

Improved interactivity

When everything is digital – including your documents – things can get interesting. From embedded videos in SOAs to electronic signatures for client sign-ons, you can offer your clients an experience that they can’t get from your competition.

Tap into younger audiences

The world is changing and younger audiences are wanting to do business differently. Gone are the days where clients want to drive to your office to sign something or go through the reams of paper that you’ve spent hours preparing. Impress your clients and tap into new audiences with a digital business.

Save money and build a better world

With less printing comes improved revenue and lower costs from reductions in printing, binding and distribution, while at the same time helping to reduce our carbon footprint. Join Harmonee on the journey to lower our impact on the environment and build better businesses while we do it.

Ready to run a better business?

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