Best Practice Security

Your data is secure

Trusting another vendor to manage your data requires rigorous consideration of their security measures. At Harmonee,¬†we’ve adopted a security first approach to business; every piece of data, at every stage, is safeguarded and protected both when it’s transferred over the internet and when it’s stored.

Security controls

  • Access to networking infrastructure is restricted to senior operations personnel
  • A secure development lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Software-defined firewalls whitelisting port access
  • 3rd party audit log analysis and forensic retention
  • Passwords¬†are never stored in clear-text
  • All traffic is protected by end-to-end SSL (independently A rated by Qualy’s)


  • Harmonee infrastructure is hosted and managed within Australia and protected by the Privacy Act
  • No data leaves Australian shores

Data centre security

Harmonee only uses data centres which are certified compliant under PCI-DSS, ISO-27018 and ISO-27001 as well as those receiving IRAP accreditation through the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), classifying them safe for secure government computing. Additionally, the locations themselves are secret and are protected by biometric access controls, 24×7 hour armed guards and video surveillance.

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